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Why the Way You Shampoo Your Hair is So Important

You might think this sounds like the simplest thing that doesn’t need discussing, but I couldn’t disagree more. Why is shampooing so important? The health of your hair, the texture of your hair, and the style you want all starts here. If you don’t wash your hair properly, and with the correct product, you will never attain the style you desire.

So let's start with what I recommend for you to have in your shower.

I always say having more than one shampoo is key. I have many (not because I have a salon with products at my fingertips) but, because we have different requirements. I always relate haircare to skincare. I would be shocked if you told me you had one face wash and one lotion. No, we have a gentle wash and deeper cleaning wash, a night cream, day cream, and serums! At least this is what my bathroom looks like!

My hair, for example, is quite fine but not thin. It has a wave in humidity, and can get quite curly. It's naturally very dry, and hardly ever gets greasy. The only reason I wash it, if I’m being honest, is for a keen smell, volume, and to control my crazy bed head!

In my shower I always have a clarifying shampoo (R+Co Oblivion), a hydrating shampoo (Oribe Signature shampoo), a styling shampoo (Oribe Hydration and Control, R+Co Cassette or R+Co Dallas), and a cleansing cream (R+Co Analogue). For conditioner, I always have one for volume, one for curl, and a hair mask.

I’ll never tell you that this is what you need, but it's an example of what you need to use for your desired style. Our hairstyle starts in the shower, it’s not just our styling product. How you properly clean your hair greatly affects your blowdry.

(Sorry, not sorry) Here is how to shampoo your hair

I “apologize,” because I know that it seems obvious and I used to laugh that instructions were printed on the bottle, as if we didn’t know! But, here are my instructions:

First, use either a natural bristle paddle brush, a wet brush, or a vent brush. For example, a Mason Pierson-type brush. Then, brush your hair quite a bit before you shower. This does a few things:

Loosens debris and takes off product.

  1. Stimulates scalp and exfoliates, encouraging circulation, and promoting thicker, healthier hair.

  2. Less product is used (or needed), since the hair follicle is naturally cleansed first.

Second, use either a dime-size amount of clarifying shampoo or a dime-size amount of your everyday shampoo. Work this through your hair for five seconds. Rinse it out. This quick wash will help rid your hair of any product, oil, and natural environment debris. It will also help your hair accept the second shampooing with ease. This step is so important, because you actually save money this way by not using as much product in the long run.

For those who wash their hair 2-3 times a week, I recommend repeating the shampooing process a second time at this point. However, we would advise every-day shampooers against repeat shampooing; the purpose is to use less not more .

After shampooing, move onto the conditioner. This is meant for the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair, and it needs to be very well rinsed. After shampooing, I like to give the hair a good ring out, or even take a towel to get rid of excess. If you have a rope for hair, this step is key. I say to all my clients, “hair is like a sponge. It doesn’t accept product well if it’s bone dry or sopping wet.”

People often resort to the drug store brands because they are used to using a large amount of product. When using a high quality product, you only need a tiny bit of it. Higher quality products are more concentrated, so you will spend more on the products, but in the end you may even save money! Let me tell you, the investment is worth it. The products I endorse are environmentally friendly, cruelty free, and use quality ingredients that won’t cause build up. They are safe for your color, and give you the most perfect version of your hair.

xx Vina

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