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For My Dudes

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

I always wish I would take more pictures of our male clientele for Instagram. Male cuts are some of my faves, and they are as big of a challenge as any women's cut! Since we don’t always take the time to make you guys our models, people think we don’t have a big male clientele, but that is far from the truth. Since your cuts and style are often overlooked, this one's for you fellas. (If you are a barbershop guy, I respect that, but if you’re a salon guy, here are some tips for your appointment and at home care.)

Changing it up

You want a new look but aren’t sure what to ask for. Most men feel silly bringing in inspiration pics, but I personally adore it, and it helps me get into their head! I love seeing what styles we can work toward, and letting them know if they’re realistic goals. What helps them become realistic goals is if they do what they’re told by their stylist when they get home!

Funny things I’ve heard from male clientele

“I don’t know what I want, you’re the hairstylist!”

“I will never blow-dry my hair.”

“I use a 3-in-1 wash for shampoo.”

“How does my hair always look so good when I leave here, but not when I do it?”

“How much does that product cost, like $100?”

“I’m a last minute kind of guy. I don’t like making appointments.”

I get it, sometimes going into a salon is like walking into a girls’ locker room, and you feel uncomfortable, especially the first time. That’s really why I designed my salon to appeal to the more masculine side. We have so many men for clients, and we love them all. You have to surrender a little and join the culture. If you’re here, you’re here for a reason. You like the shampoos, a stylist haircut, and you’re not a fan of a clipper cut - just give into the whole experience.

Thinning Hair

I know this is a sensitive subject and men often feel very insecure about thinning hair, but there’s so much out there now to help! Most men, just like women, have receding hair no matter what. Unfortunately, male pattern baldness that’s hereditary is a mystery. It can start as soon as the early 20’s. Here are some tips to help:

  • Don’t wear a hat as often.

  • Use good thickening shampoos (we have a few at the salon I recommend. Oribe has a line for thinning hair that is similar to Rogaine. R+Co has a thickening shampoo with biotin that at least gives the feeling of thicker hair.)

  • Use treatments both medical or natural.

  • If the loss has already happened, consult a dermatologist, and they can suggest treatments. The sooner the better!

  • Cortisone shots, PRP (which is like a vampire facial, but for the head.)

Maybe it's already happened, now what? Well, don’t try to cover it up. We all know what you’re hiding. My personal advice: cut it very short, maybe even buzz it. If you’re really bald, maybe it’s time to “Bic it.” Honestly, it's very sexy to see the confidence of a “Bic’d” man! Although this is a sad day for us, because we will most likely lose you as a client, your confidence is more important.

The truth about product

Shampoo is just as important for men as women. Maybe not so much as far as conditioner is concerned. Conditioner is more for men who have extremely course, dry and curly hair. We use a shampoo by R+Co called Cactus, and it’s amazing! It has product built in, if you like the feel of no product in your hair, but still need a little grit. I still like when hair isn't washed all the time. Getting it wet is fine, but just like women, you will be over-producing sebum if you’re stripping all the oils. And nowadays, having a little dirt in your hair looks better.

Products are the building blocks of your style. There are gels, mousses, a million pomades, and other styling products out there. The goal is to determine what product is right for you.

If you have any sort of fine or thin hair, I would stay away from gels. Gel gives you separation, and more of a wet look, and that can make your hair look thinner than it really is. These are meant for someone who has thick hair and desires a shinier look.

Pomades come in thick, light, matte, shiny, whipped, and more. You have to figure out what you are trying to achieve and how much hold you’re looking for, so you can find your best fit. I like more of a matte look on a man, unless they already have very dry hair, then I like to go a little shinier. The best way to apply a pomade is to rub it in the palm of your hands until you don’t see it any more. Then, start at the back of your head and work your way up. Get it all over before you take a comb, brush, or fingers to it.

If you want a longer look, but the front drives you crazy, this is where the blow dryer comes in. You will want to start by blowdrying it back before putting your finishing product in, and if you don’t want to do that (don’t laugh) you can wear a headband or a hat for a little bit and it will help to set your hair.

I also love a dry shampoo paste for a grungier long cut or for someone with very fine hair, because it gives the hair some dimension and thickness. One of the good things to come from quarantine is that it really brought back the long hair!

At the end of the day, there are a few products that will give you the look you want to achieve, and your stylist should be able to guide you to them. Men love good hair days as much as us women!

xx Vina

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