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Consultation: Where it all Starts

Updated: May 21, 2021

Consultation: if you leave unhappy, it’s because the communication between you and your stylist is off. At the end of the day, it is your stylist’s job to get a good understanding of what it is you want.

Should you bring pictures?

Yes! We all have different vocabulary, different ideas, and believe it or not, I may not see things the same way you do! Your gold and my gold can be two totally different things. Your beachy waves may be different than what I think. The only problem with pictures is when you bring twenty for me to look at, and they are all completely different. Bring some inspiration that is very similar, and tell me why you like that look. Pay attention to the tone, the placement, the layers, and the style. I have a lot of clients that will bring in pictures of super long hair with a balayage, and they have a lob! Or, clients with thin hair bring in photos of thick hair styles. I’ll tell you right now, the client’s hair will end up looking very different. Make sure the base color matches yours. Pro tip: make sure the photo you’re looking at doesn’t have any added filters, and it’s in natural lighting. My all time favorite references are the ones my clients bring in of work we have done in the salon before.

Pictures are helpful to set the goal we’re working toward, but at the same time, you have to be realistic!

Hair appointments are like snowflakes - unique

I am a big believer that even if you are an “every four weeks kinda client,” we should chat for at least a moment. I will never pre-mix your color. And, your haircut is never the same two times in a row. Sometimes it's true that we are behind in scheduling, and trying to catch up, but never be afraid to say you want something different or something wasn’t working for you. I never get upset if I do a haircut on someone and they go home, have a hard time, and call me about it. How you do your hair at home is completely different than how I do it, and at home is where it needs to work! I would much rather personally have you call, than walk around not loving your hair.

Whether you are a regular client or a new client, it's helpful to give us an idea if you’re making a big change ahead of time, so we can schedule you for the appropriate amount of time needed to give you the best results. Rushing is a terrible feeling for us, so not only do we want to give you the correct time, but you should try to keep an open schedule as well. Nothing is worse than putting your last few foils in, and the client says, “I have to be out of here in thirty minutes.” Whaaaaaat?! I still have to process, root shadow, gloss shampoo, condition, blow dry style, and get the best pic for the gram!

Give me feedback

I love hearing from you about past haircuts and styles that you have liked and disliked. What is your styling routine, what are your goals for maintenance, how often do you wash, do you wear it back all the time, and so on? I want to hear all of your dreams and desires, people! I love it. I will talk to you the whole time you are here about what products will work best, and what to use to keep the salon look even when you’re home. If you are new to the area, or to the salon, I love when someone comes in ahead of time for their consultation. I think this is brilliant for both parties. It's like going to the doctor and thinking about a million questions after you leave. This way we get to talk, and then you get to go home and think about it. Are you really willing to do that? Is that really what you want? Then, by the time you’re sitting in the chair, we’re ready to rock and roll.

xx Vina

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