The Zealous Root is a creative community with a focus on group collaboration and mutual support between our staff, helping each other to grow every day.  Our primary goal is to make sure each client leaves The Zealous Root with a truly happy and memorable experience.  Whether it’s your hair, a manicure or waxing, we strive to achieve excellence and your complete satisfaction, and we believe that working together is the only way to accomplish this goal.

We truly believe that each person that walks through our doors will feel the positive and zealous energy which we have worked so hard to achieve.  We believe that our own happiness and positive energy will leave a lasting impression on our clients, resulting in the best possible experience for all.  We are proud of the incredible environment we have created together and we absolutely love incorporating our clients into our community and sharing in their experiences.  That is our ultimate goal.










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Tier 1 Stylist

Partial highlight 130 w/cut 160

Full Highlight 175 w/cut 205

Single Process 95 w/cut 115

Women’s Haircut 55

Men’s Haircut 30

Children’s Haircut 30

Blow Dry 35 w/Iron 40

Tier 2 Stylist

Partial highlight 150 w/cut 180

Full Highlight 195 w/cut 225

Single Process 95 w/cut 120

Womens Haircut 60

Mens Haircut 35

Children’s Haircut 35

Blow Dry 35 w/Iron 40

Tier 3 Stylist

Partial Highlights 160 w/cut 190

Full Highlight 205 w/cut 235

Single Process 95 w/cut 130

Women’s Haircut 65

Men’s Haircut 40

Children’s Haircut 40

Blow Dry 35 w/Iron 40

Tier 4 Stylist

Partial Highlights 165

Full Highlight 220

Single Process 100

Women’s Haircut 80

Men’s Haircut 40

Children’s Haircut 40

Blow dry 40 w/Iron 50


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